10 Reasons Why NCT U’s “BOSS” Was Iconic…And Why SM Entertainment Needs To Bring It Back

Everyone can agree on the 9th reason.

It’s been over two years since NCT‘s NCT U unit released the iconic song, “BOSS”, complete with harnesses and military uniforms. The song and concept was so exceptional that popular reality show, Produce 101, even included it in its boy group cover song component! As NCTzens miss the “BOSS” boys a little more today, here are 10 reasons why SM Entertainment needs to bring it back.

| SM Entertainment

1. It has the power to attract more stans

According to a recent survey by fandom app BLIP, the song that brought the most fans (30%) into the NCTzen family was none other than NCT U’s “BOSS”.

| SM Entertainment

Many have been calling for SM Entertainment to bring back a similar concept or song, with many netizens often pulling out this hilarious line.

SM… I’ll pretend to be fooled so just act like nothing happened and release “BOSS” again as a new comeback…

— Netizen

2. It indicated a milestone for NCT

The song was so popular that it was the first music video from the NCT units to reach 100 million views! As NCT was still considered a rookie back in 2018, this song was one that really put them on the public’s radar. The styling also was a huge hit with the public.

3. It gave us this superior look from Doyoung

Many fans would agree that Doyoung’s styling in one of their live stages was just…*chef kiss*

4. Mark’s freestyle dance to his rap

Right before the second verse, Mark takes his solo rap. His delicate and subtle moves to the beat is something only he can pull off.

5. Taeyong’s popping

This man sure can dance. His precision and control in executing this particular move never fails to amaze!

6. This Jaehyun

Somehow we got this scene of him in the music video and we’re not complaining.

7. Jungwoo’s tornado move

We truly believe this move is something only he can do with such finesse. Gone wrong, one could look like a flailing octopus. We know – we’ve tried.

8. Doyoung’s shoulder isolation

He makes it look so effortless and clean!

9. Lucas. Just Lucas himself entirely!

Lucas made his debut through “BOSS” and immediately stole the hearts of many with his puppy dog eyes, crossbow lips and deep husky voice. Check out his rap below!

10. Winwin’s duality

When he smiles, he’s as precious as a baby chick.

When he smoulders however… we’re a goner.

We’re ready to stage a protest if SM Entertainment doesn’t bring “BOSS” back! In the meantime, take a listen to the song below.


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