5 Times NCT Have Struck Back Against Sasaengs

Kings only.

Twitter went nuts over the sasaengs plaguing NCT. Online reaction was particularly strong over the weekend, due to the recent V LIVES where the boys spoke against the sasaengs. However, NCT and NCTzens are not strangers to the situation, with the boys constantly facing harassment from these stalkers. Here are 5 times the members have bravely struck out against them.

1. When Haechan called the cops on the sasaengs.

Most recently as the boys have gained backlash from the sasaengs themselves, these stalkers are taking to Twitter to “expose” the boys. Unfortunately rather than gain a negative response as they hoped, fans are delighted that the boys are striking back. As in the video below, allegedly, member Haechan can be heard saying to the sasaeng recording the clip, “Are you going to follow me? If you are, tell me in advance so I can report you”. He also reportedly called the cops on her. Well done!

2. When Renjun and Jeno revealed the sasaeng’s phone number on live stream.

While the member of NCT Dream is known for his “pure boy” nickname, he is also known for his wit and savagery. During a V Live session in January, the boys were being called incessantly on their personal handphones by sasaengs. While member Jeno tried to calmly reject the calls, Renjun could not stand for it and picked up and told the sasaeng to stop. He also sneakily flashed their number on screen! Later on, Jeno was seen aiding in revealing the numbers of the sasaengs as well.

3. When Doyoung yelled at sasaengs on air for interrupting his singing session.

Doyoung is known for holding “room corner concerts” for fans where he turns on his V Live to sing various cover songs. On a session in early May, he was seen getting understandably frustrated at sasaengs who called his personal handphone, essentially cutting off his music as he was using it to play tunes.

4. When Jungwoo simply was #unbothered.

The normally adorable and puppy-like member dealt with sasaeng comments on their V Live in the most nonchalant way — he simply pressed report and moved on. By not giving attention in any way to the sasaengs, it denies them of their basal desire to be noticed by their idols. What a smart cookie!

 5. Doyoung giving them a taste of their own medicine.

As a user on Pann uploaded, a sasaeng had spread photos of Doyoung giving them a taste of their own medicine by trying to turn the tables and take their photographs instead! According to the user, sasaengs have said that they are the most scared of Doyoung and will often turn tail and leave if he is the member that comes out of the building.

Bonus: NCTzens scaring off sasaengs.

In a hilarious clip uploaded on Twitter, NCT was allegedly eating in a restaurant in a mall, where a famous NCT sasaeng was also dining. When she tried to exit the restaurant for whatever reason, as she walks to the fans, she suddenly made a U-turn back into restaurant, as fans had allegedly scared her back in. Like idol, like fan they say!


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