Every Negative Side Effect Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Crazy Horse” Appearance

Not everyone was supportive of her performance.

During September, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa made history as the first K-Pop artist to be featured at the historic Crazy Horse Cabaret, a nude performance venue.

While many netizens supported Lisa’s ventures, there have been some negatives for Lisa and others stemming from her performances. Here are the negative side effects that have been reported following her performance.

1. K-Netizen’s Shaming

Before and after Lisa‘s first performances, Korean netizens were overly negative over her time at Crazy Horse, with many shaming not only the women who perform at the lounge but traditional strippers as well.

  • Can’t believe she’s promoting a real strip show that shows nipples. There are so many fans who are minors. What a great influence for them. They said such shows are common in Thailand. In the future, I hope she removes her K-Pop title and just promotes as a Thai person.
  • I wonder why she just has to commercialize herself sexually, acting as a part of the strip show, when she’s so successful already.
  • She covered all the important bits while she wants to stand as part of the same show. And they said it’s an artistic show… Isn’t this so contradictory?
  • They said they’re showing women’s freedom by stripping, but the women with true power and capabilities don’t take their clothes off. It’s so funny because it’s true in the end that power is not stripping. I read this somewhere and am sharing it here because I agree.
  • An Asian woman who hit the top as an idol, is ultimately participating in a strip show. And even in the strip show, there’s a divide between how those with money and fame strip less, and those who don’t who strip more. The entire thing is disgusting.
  • Why is BLACKPINK’s direction turning to exposure when they’ve hit the top? Jennie and Lisa too, I don’t get it.

2. Angelababy’s Blacklisting

There were many celebrity attendees at her performances, and one spotted among the guests was Angelababy.


According to the rules published by the China Association of Performing Arts, attendance at shows like this would be forbidden.

Entertainers are prohibited from the following:…

4. Organize, participate, or promote illegal activities, such as those related to obscene and explicit content…

— China Association of Performing Arts

Netizens found proof of the blacklist, with the Weibo account run by China Central Television (also known as CCTV) deleting a video of her Mid-Autumn Festival performance. This was practically confirmed by the removal of her Weibo account in late October, along with actress Zhang Jia Ni‘s.

Left: Angelababy’s account being deleted. Right: Zhang Ji Ni’s account being taken down. | theqoo

3. Lisa’s Weibo Account Deletion

Under the same guidelines that led to Angelababy’s account being deleted, Lisa’s suffered the same fate, becoming unavailable to netizens.

| Weibo

4. Brands Distancing

According to TV Report, several brands Lisa works with have been deleting or hiding photos with the idol.

According to the report, the CEO of BVLGARI has deleted pictures of himself and Lisa. Additional reports state that CELINE and BVLGARI accounts in China have hidden or deleted all posts of Lisa.

This is likely due to China holding a large portion of the luxury goods market.