Netizens Can’t Decide On The “Most Iconic Song” By Girls’ Generation… Maybe You Can

They’re all huge hits, it’s impossible to choose one.

Girls’ Generation debuted in 2007 — and in the past decade and more they have been together, they put out some of the greatest bops of K-Pop history.

So when we hear “Girls’ Generation”, which song starts autoplaying in our heads? To which era do we immediately look back? What dance move do we bust out? Korean netizens couldn’t close the gap on which one of these top five tracks would be the most iconic “SNSD Song“. What do you think? Can you choose one? Or is it even worth choosing one — when “all of the following” is clearly the only right answer? (Wink.)

1. “Into The New World”

“Into The New World” is absolutely adored by S♡NEs because it is the very song that brought Girls’ Generation into the new world. For this catchy debut track, Girls’ Generation members dedicated an entire year for practicing and perfecting the choreography with live singing. Thus, as soon as K-Pop fans saw the first “Into The New World” performance on stage — boom! It was game over. Girls’ Generation took their first steps to become legends.

2. “Kissing You”

There is no denying it: Every S♡NE has sung along the unforgettable “Du-du-du-du-du-du kissing you baby” and the “Du-du-du-du-du-du loving you baby” at some point in their lives. In fact, every S♡NE has probably owned a “Kissing You” lollipop to wave in the air too. This track, also from the same first album Girls’ Generation with “Into The New World”, became a mega hit — and the members’ “angelic” vibes reeled in S♡NEs into the fandom.

3. “Gee”

In 2008, Girls’ Generation dropped “Gee” and peaked. While promoting “Gee”, Girls’ Generation re-wrote K-Pop history. The track was record-breaking at the time, sweeping #1 spots on music charts for 8-9 consecutive weeks. And as far as “sweeping” goes, “Gee” also swept the fashion realm — with the stage outfits, marked by the neon-colored skinny pants, became a nationwide trend.

4. “Genie”

From the same second album Oh! with “Gee”, the track “Genie” served as a turning point for Girls’ Generation to try their very first sexy and fierce concept. Totally breathtaking in uniforms that showed off their legs for days, Girls’ Generation charmed the nation with the “kick” choreography — as well as the seductive “Sowoneul-malhaebwa!” catch phrase that had S♡NEs all wishing for “Girls’ Generation 4 Eva”.

5. “Lion Heart”

In 2015, after former member Jessica left the group in 2014, Girls’ Generation went into full bloom with the glitz-and-glam visual for “Lion Heart”. After witnessing some great accomplishments like scoring a triple crown on SBS‘s Inkigayo and remaining on music charts even after the promotions ended, S♡NEs cherished “Lion Heart” to be that song to prove every generation is Girls’ Generation.

Source: THEQOO and Namu Wiki

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