12 New K-Pop Boy Groups Expected To Debut In 2019

Many former MIXNINE contestants will finally debut.

2018 is almost over, and while we’re sad to see it go, 2019 will be ringing in some highly-anticipated, fresh talent. Here are 12 new boy groups who are expected to make their debuts in 2019!


1. Big Hit Entertainment’s new boy group

Big Hit Entertainment Will Debut a Brand New Boy Group in 2019

In November, Big Hit Entertainment confirmed that BTS will have their first brother group in 2019. So far, not much is known about the group, other than the fact that Big Hit Entertainment has been carefully planning for it.

For some time now, the company has been regularly holding auditions to search for the best new male talent. Many trainees have been spotted entering and leaving the Big Hit Entertainment building, as well as attending BTS’s concerts, but not much is known about them.

ARMY Discover Mysterious Evidence That Big Hit Entertainment Is Planning Something New

Fans have also uncovered a mysterious new YouTube channel that may or may not be connected to the upcoming group.


2. CUBE Entertainment’s new boy group

CUBE Entertainment announced their plans to debut a 2019 boy group back in 2017. So far, three members have been confirmed: Lai Guanlin (currently promoting with Wanna One), Yoo Seonho (former Produce 101 contestant), and Jo Woochan (former Show Me the Money 6 contestant). More members, selected via audition, are expected to debut as part of the official line-up.


3. YG Entertainment’s new boy group

YG Reportedly Launching New Boy Group Through Survival Program

In 2018, YG Entertainment launched YG Treasure Box, a new survival program that features all 29 of the company’s male trainees, most between the ages of 14 and 19. The finalists, who will be selected based on viewer ratings as well as monitoring by the company, are expected to make up the official line-up for YG Entertainment’s new group. This new boy group will be the company’s first one to make a debut since WINNER and iKON.


4. Brand New Boys

Brand New’s CEO Reveals Details About Lee Daehwi And Park Woojin’s Future After Wanna One

Brand New Music‘s new boy group, Brand New Boys, will reportedly include Wanna One‘s Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin, along with their labelmates MXM (Im Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun).


5. Produce 101 Season 4 group

In November, industry representatives reported that Produce 101 Season 4 will be making its premiere in April 2019. The show will follow the previous seasons’ formats, to reportedly select members for a new project boy group. Previous Produce groups include Wanna One and IZ*ONE.


6. Happyface Next Boys (HNB)

In 2018, CEO Lee Joo Won of Happyface Entertainment revealed the company’s plans to debut a boy group with MIXNINE winner, Woo Jin Young. Woo Jin Young will be part of the 10-member line-up for HNB (short for Happyface Next Boys).



VERIVERY is an upcoming 7-member boy group under Jellyfish Entertainment. They are expected to make their debut on January 9, 2019 with their first mini album VERI-US. VERIVERY will be Jellyfish Entertainment’s first boy group since VIXX debuted in 2012.



TREI is an upcoming 3-member group under Banana Culture. They will officially debut sometime in early 2019. This trio began as a duo featuring Lee Jae Jun and Chae Chang Hyun, who would join the survival program, MIXNINE. In May 2018, Kim Jun Tae was added to the group.

The group dropped their first predebut single, “Nike” in May 2018.



Previously known as RBW Boyz, ONEUS and ONEWE are two different boy groups featuring former Produce 101 and MIXNINE contestants. ONEUS is a 6-member dance group featuring Hwanwoong, Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Xion, and Keonhee.

ONEWE is a 5-member boy band made up of Young Hoon, Kang Hyun, Ha Rin, Cy A, and Dong Myeong.


10. Under Nineteen boy group

Under Ninteen is a new survival program consisting of contestants under the age of 19. Of its 57 contestants, a total of 9 are expected to debut in the new group. Once the line-up has been finalized, the group will train for 5 months then promote for 12 months.



This 5-member, Dongyo Entertainment boy group will officially debut in February 2019.

They released their first pre-debut single in November 2018.



TEAM LWZ is an upcoming 5-member boy group under Liveworks Company. They are expected to make their debut in 2019, but no official debut date has been confirmed. Its line-up includes former MIXNINE contestants Lee Rubin and Jin Sungho.

Source: Osen