The Nicest Non-Big 3 K-Pop Entertainment Companies, As Discussed By Fans

If your faves are with these agencies, you can rest assured they’re being treated well.

The Big 3 companies (SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment) are all pretty well known for the standards they keep in the way that they treat their idols and trainees.

SM Entertainment’s girl group Red Velvet

But what about smaller agencies, and how do fans perceive them? Well, among all the smaller agencies, there are three that fans perceive in a really positive light!

1. P Nation

P Nation CEO Psy

P Nation is Psy‘s label and represents artists like Jessi, HyunA, Dawn, and Crush. Artists openly talk about why they chose to sign with P Nation and how their relationship with Psy as their CEO is very comfortable and positive.

I am, however, grateful for the kind motivation and wholehearted support I receive. When I met up with PSY, and talked with him, he completely understood everything i needed with regards to the new things I wanted to try. Our communications with each other felt very easy, so I naturally decided to sign with him.

I’ve worked with many different artists abroad, but he’s a very good leader when it comes to content.




AOMG belongs to Jay Park, and it is one of Korea’s hottest hip hop labels. Jay is often described as one of the best leaders of all the management companies in Korea. He’s often been praised for allowing his artists to have creative freedom, and because he can make his own money outside of the agency, he pays his artists very well.

AOMG is different from other agencies in that it allows the artists to take more of the profit.



3. RBW

RBW’s girl group MAMAMOO

RBW was founded by Kim Jinwoo and Kim Dohoon. Kim Jinwoo was originally the representative director from Cube Entertainment‘s Music Cube, while Kim Dohoon was a former Music Cube director who joined cooperation with RBW’s music label WA Entertainment. RBW is home to artists like MAMAMOO and Oneus. They’re looked positively upon by fans because they put the well-being of their artists first, and take their opinions into account when it comes to music and more.

Source: Quora