14 Pictures Of TWICE’s Tzuyu Wearing Hats To Bring Some Sunshine Into Your Day

Let Tzuyu bring some sunshine into your life as she keeps the sun out of her eyes.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is so beautiful even her unnies can’t resist taking photos of her, and she’s also an energetic chatterbox. Here are 14 pictures of Tzuyu to bring some sunshine into your day. ☀️

1. Tzuyu wearing a Santa hat

Although we’re nowhere near Christmas at the moment, Tzuyu wearing a Santa hat definitely makes things feel all right.

2. Tzuyu wearing a NY Yankees hat

This NY Yankees hat is everything, and it is everything on Tzuyu. Not personally a fan of sports, but I could pretend to care just for the sake of this picture.

3. Tzuyu wearing a corduroy bucket hat

This bucket hat is cute and stylish on its own but Tzuyu elevates it to another level.

4. Tzuyu wearing a Twins hat

As with the NY Yankees hat, Tzuyu makes sports merchandise so much more interesting.

5. Tzuyu wearing a woven sunhat

This woven sunhat is practical, and while it’s something you might expect to see while you’re out for a stroll in the park, you don’t expect to see someone looking this good while wearing it.

6. Tzuyu wearing a chic bucket hat

An obvious lover of bucket hats, Tzuyu always looks precious wearing them.

7. Tzuyu wearing a black bucket hat

What did we say about bucket hats? She really knows how to rock them!

8. Tzuyu wearing a bunny hat

The bunny hat trend was huge a few years ago, with countless celebrities rocking the look, but we can’t deny Tzuyu looks extra cute while wearing one!

9. Tzuyu wearing another bucket hat and looking good

Another bucket hat photo to add to the collection of Tzuyu looking good in bucket hats.

10. Tzuyu wearing another bucket hat and being cute AF

At this rate, we’ll have more pictures of Tzuyu wearing bucket hats than we do pokémon cards but that’s OK!

11. Tzuyu wearing a pink beret

A limited-edition Tzuyu wearing a beret appears!

12. Tzuyu in a Santa hat and cape

Tzuyu in a Santa hat definitely inspires feelings of joy, but that cape adds a little more holiday spirit to the look.

13. Tzuyu in a Pikachu hat

Tzuyu in a Pikachu hat definitely ups the singer’s kawaii game. We can’t look away!

14. Tzuyu wearing a baseball cap

Tzuyu wearing a regular baseball cap is stylish AF and she manages to look like a million bucks, even with the pared-down look.

Was your favorite picture of Tzuyu wearing a hat here? If not, which one should we have included? Tzuyu looks good all the time, so it was difficult to narrow it down to just this many!


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