These 10 Pre-Debut Pictures Of TXT Beomgyu Have Fans Falling In Love

His visual prowess is striking.

Netizens have been scouring the internet trying to find pre-debut pictures of Beomgyu, the fifth member revealed of BigHit Entertainment’s new boy group Tomorrow X Together (TXT).

Fans have been praising the visuals of Beomgyu and adoring how cute he was when he was younger.

1. The first example of his already amazing selfie game.

2. Beomgyu’s fashion game is on point.

3. He looked studious during his school days.

4. He looked studious when he was a child too.

5. His amazing selfie abilities have been proven once more.

6. He played guitar in a band, showing he was always a talented musician!

7. Need we even highlight another selfie which shows off his visual prowess?

8. He’s always had a confident picture pose.

9. He makes the hearts of fans flutter…

10. He has cool charms and this picture proves that fact.

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