Most Shocking “Queendom Puzzle” Eliminations That Fans Still Can’t Accept

The dust hasn’t quite settled on some unexpected exits.

Queendom Puzzle wrapped up its final episode, crowning the winning top seven contestants who will be part of the much-debated global girl group EL7Z UP. However, the dust hasn’t quite settled on some unexpected exits that took many by surprise.

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While the winners have left fans ecstatic, let’s take a moment to delve into the show’s most shocking eliminations that had fans questioning, “How did that happen?

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1. Cherry Bullet’s Bora

A name that’s synonymous with power-packed vocals, Bora’s exit was certainly a curveball no one saw coming. Throughout her journey in the show, she consistently showcased her range and ability, making her elimination a genuine shocker for many. She even ranked #1 following the show’s first challenge.

Fans had pegged her to be a finalist early on, and her departure left a lingering question: What more did she have to showcase?

2. Rocket Punch’s Suyun

Effortlessly blending her bright personality with her singing prowess, Suyun was an instant favorite. As the episodes progressed, her versatility and commitment to her performances seemed to cement her spot in the finals. So when the news of her elimination came out, it was a jolt out of the blue for her ardent followers.

The Rocket Punch star ranked eighth in the final episode, almost making it to debut with 302,579 votes.

3. Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon

Talented, charismatic, and undeniably captivating on stage — Jiwon was a force to reckon with, similar to her bandmate Bora. Each of her performances exuded confidence, and she had an undeniable spark. When she didn’t make the cut, fans were in disbelief, wondering how such a strong contender could fall short.

4. Weeekly’s Zoa

A bundle of energy and skill, Zoa’s journey in Queendom Puzzle was nothing short of impressive. Commanding attention with her unique style and stage presence, her elimination was one of the moments that left fans shaking their heads in disbelief.

While these eliminations were unexpected, the top 7 of the show was no less spectacular. With H1-Key‘s Hwiseo leading the upcoming group by receiving more than 444,490 votes and experienced idols like LovelyzKei, CLC‘s Yeeun and Cosmic GirlsYeoreum, the girl group is sure to be a massive success.

While the journey of Queendom Puzzle has come to a close, it’s clear that each contestant, irrespective of their final position, has made an indelible mark on the audience. For the eliminated idols, their journey has just started. Their time on the show only emphasized their vast reservoirs of talent, which will undoubtedly shine brightly in their future endeavors.

And for EL7Z UP? The stage is set as the world waits with bated breath to witness the magic they’re about to create.

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