“Queendom Puzzle” Winners Face The Challenge Of Balancing EL7Z UP And Original Group Duties

The journey ahead for the members of EL7Z UP is undeniably jam-packed.

Unfortunately for many idols, the world of K-pop is no stranger to grueling schedules and working on multiple projects simultaneously. This commitment is going to be all the more evident as the winners of Queendom Puzzle now face the challenging task of promoting both in their original groups and in the much-anticipated global project girl group, EL7Z UP.

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EL7Z UP’s forthcoming debut in September is already generating a considerable buzz. Fans worldwide are gearing up for the group’s expansive promotional activities, which promise to be intense, given that they plan to drop not one but three albums in quick succession.

Moreover, their concerts slated for October at the Omiya Sonic City Hall in Tokyo and Grand Cube Osaka are eagerly awaited.

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The tight schedule, and the fact that the project group has only 3 years to fulfill these comitments creates a major complication: overlapping schedules. Many of the members are already a significant part of active groups, while some are even making strides in individual careers.

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For example, Kei is busy venturing into musicals, whilst Yeeun has been racing the stage as a soloist the past few months. Despite all this, the bandmates remain optimistic.

 The bandmates said they will find solutions as they go.

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One of the standout stars from “Queendom Puzzle,” Cosmic GirlsYeoreum, shed light on her current situation. Amidst the reshuffle happening within the group, Yeoreum remains committed to her roots.

Right now, the members are going through a period where we focus on expanding our individual scopes. That’s why I took part in ‘Queendom Puzzle.’ I’ll give my best shot here so that I could later return more improved to WJSN.

— Cosmic Girls’ Yeoreum

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The most voted member among all the winners, H1-KEY‘s Hwiseo will make the first comeback with the group just next week. Regarding the overlapping issue, Hwiseo also seemed optimistic.

Our pre-release is already out and we’re coming back next week. I’ll be taking part in all the schedules if possible.

— H1-KEY’s Hwiseo

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The journey ahead for the members of EL7Z UP is undeniably jam-packed. They have the daunting task of balancing their commitments to both their original and new group, ensuring they give their best in every endeavor. However, given the passion and talent these ladies possess, fans are confident they’ll rise to the occasion.

Source: The Korea Herald

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