5 “Queendom Puzzle” Contestants In Tears As They Get Eliminated Ahead Of Semi-Final

The goodbye speeches left the remaining contestants and fans teary-eyed.

In the latest episode of Queendom Puzzle, the anticipation reached a peak as the elimination round unfolded, resulting in five contestants leaving the competition. This unexpected turn of events happened just before reaching the highly anticipated semi-final round, leaving the remaining contestants and fans teary-eyed.

The girls’ farewell speeches tugged at fans’ heartstrings as they recounted their journey, gratitude, and the unforgettable moments they shared in the competition. Some even teased what may be waiting for them in the future.

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1. TripleS’s Seoyeon

From the start of the competition, Seoyeon demonstrated herself as a confident performer with a solid understanding of the stage. Her growth was evident throughout the competition, not only as a performer but also as an individual.

I didn’t know anything when I came here but I went through so many things with my friends. They’re unforgettable. I’ll keep working hard as Seoyeon of TripleS. Thank you so much viewers, judges, and fans.

— TripleS’s Seoyeon

2. Cherry Bullet’s Chaerin

Throughout the show, Chaerin exhibited immense talent and left lasting impressions on viewers. Her performances were imbued with passion and perseverance, making her departure a bittersweet one.

During ‘Queendom Puzzle’ with many good friends, I was so happy to perform stages. I’ll never forget them. I’ll go back to Cherry Bullet and do my best where I belong.

— Cherry Bullet’s Chaerin

3. JooE

Known for her cheerful personality and tireless energy, JooE’s journey in the show has been a testament to her dedication and love for performing. Her farewell note reflected these exact sentiments.

During ‘Queendom Puzzle’ I enjoyed every stage so much. I’ve taken the love of fans and stages for granted, and during the show I learned yet again how precious they are.

— JooE

4. LIGHTSUM’s Sangah

Sangah, a beloved member of LIGHTSUM, showcased her charisma and versatile abilities during the competition. As she departed, she made sure to give a loving shoutout to her fellow members.

And to Juhyeonie, Chowonie, Nayoungie, Hina, Yujeongie, who are watching at the dorm, let’s work hard together in the future.  Unnie is coming, wait for me!

— LIGHTSUM’s Sangah

5. Weeekly’s Soeun

Soeun, a powerhouse vocalist from Weeekly, captured the hearts of viewers with her charm and vocal prowess. Her parting words revealed the personal growth she experienced during the show.

I was really scared coming into Queendom Puzzle, but as I performed and practiced with my colleagues, I felt a really warm relationship with them.

— Weeekly’s Soeun

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While the announcement of elimination was expected, the contestants’ heartfelt final words stirred emotions among fans. As fans eagerly anticipate the remaining rounds of Queendom Puzzle, everyone also looks forward to seeing the growth and achievements of these talented idols in their future endeavors.

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