13 Quick And Recent Facts About BLACKPINK’s Lisa That You Might Not Know About Yet

Can you guess her answers?

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently sat down for a short interview with ELLE Korea.

Aside from answering several questions about her beloved cats—like how she’d pick cats over bangs any day—she also shared some interesting facts about herself. Try to test your knowledge of Lisa by guessing her answers to the questions below!

1. What do you miss the most these days?

As someone who evidently loves her family very much, it isn’t surprising that Lisa said she misses them the most these days.

2. What is your favorite nickname?

Lisa was asked to pick her favorite nickname out of the following: LILI, Human Vitamin, Ppuppu, Lalisa The Photographer, Gimme A Dollar Lisa Kim Feat. CELINE, Perfect Body Proportion, and Barbie Doll.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she picked Ppuppu because of the way it makes her feel.

I like Ppuppu. I used to have the name Pranpriya, and my fans shorted it to ‘Ppuppu.’ I think it’s somewhat cute, like when someone calls me ‘Hey, Ppuppu!‘ I’m like, ‘Wow!‘ It makes me feel so good.

— Lisa

3. Short hair or long hair?

At first, Lisa asked if she could pick both short and long hair, “I can’t pick both?” When it came down to it, however, she chose short hair.

4. Rap or dance?

As expected of the Queen of Dance, Lisa readily chose dancing over rapping!

Although her preference is dance, she could slay any day with her incredible rap skills.

5. What is your favorite accent dance?

While on the topic of dancing, Lisa was asked what her favorite accent dance is, and she decided on her signature move in the BLACKPINK song “Pretty Savage.”

She explained that it’s an action that only she does, making it even more special.

Oh my god! Um…’savage.’ I like that part the most. I’m the only one who does it because it’s my part. I do that ‘savage’ and walk towards the back. I like that the most.

— Lisa

6. How long does it take for you to memorize a new choreography?

Learning a new choreography is a piece of cake for Lisa! She only needs a few days to master one no matter how difficult it is. “Around a day or two? Maybe up to three days?

7. What is one of your possessions that you want to show off?

Fans may be familiar with Lisa’s photography hobby. According to Lisa, a possession that she wants to show off is her precious film camera which she makes sure to always bring with her.

8. Do you have a recently stuck habit?

Lisa’s new habit is as adorable as she is! She can’t seem to stop saying “Oh my god” no matter what activity she is doing.

No matter what I do, I say ‘Oh my god.‘ I watch a TV show, and I go ‘Oh my god!

— Lisa

9. What is your favorite TV show?

The K-Drama Penthouse 2 is all the rage at the moment, and even Lisa is hooked on it!

Penthouse is hot these days. Penthouse Season 2. I watched it live on TV!”

10. What is your favorite snack?

After some thought, she picked chocolate as her favorite snack because she needs it whenever she feels like she’s low on sugar.

I love chocolate. I don’t feel good without chocolate. I need it near me so that whenever I feel low on sugar, I can go, ‘Oh, chocolate!‘ and have it.

— Lisa

11. What is your most recently purchased fashion item?

The newest fashion item that Lisa purchased is a scarf.

12. What is your favorite fashion item?

As for her favorite fashion item, she picked sneakers…

…and rightfully so because she looks amazing in them.

13. How do you feel about having become a fashion icon?

Last but certainly not the least, Lisa shared how she feels about being recognized for her impeccable sense of fashion. She humbly replied that she feels honored for the recognition. “It’s an honor. I will really, really do a good job.

Hear Lisa’s answers for yourself in the full interview below!

Source: 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA


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