10+ Reasons Why EXO’s Chen Will Be The Best Dad Ever

These skills and personality traits will earn him the World’s #1 Dad title.

EXO‘s Chen just announced that he will be marrying his girlfriend, who is reportedly 7 months pregnant with their first child. Chen may be new to fatherhood, but he already has many great dad skills!


1. He will sing the most beautiful lullabies

Chen’s child will get to fall asleep to the sound of Chen’s honey vocals, the same vocals that people pay hundreds of dollars to hear live. Try not to feel too jealous!


2. He already has practice taking care of EXO’s “babies”

Taking care of these oversized “babies” isn’t the same as taking care of a real newborn, but Chen’s years of practice are bound to come in handy!


3. He knows how to have fun

Chen is one of EXO’s most playful members. He enjoys pranking, trolling, and just having a good time. During his guest appearance on The Return of Superman, Chen proved that he also knows how to play well with Daeul and Soeul.


4. He isn’t afraid to get silly

On The Return of Superman, Chen tried out a number of ways to play with the kids. When he gave himself a squeaky voice by inhaling helium, Daeul loved it!


5. He is kind and affectionate

Fans know that Chen is one of the sweetest, most loving people on the planet. He is always kind and affectionate toward EXO-L and his members.


6. He protects the ones he loves

When “Monster” Xiumin went after Soeul, Chen became her knight in shining armor. Chen is a loyal person, who will do anything to keep his little princess (or prince) safe.


7. He knows the value of hard work and persistence

Becoming a successful idol requires an unyielding work ethic, patience, resilience, and many more skills that Chen can pass on to his child.


8. Child safety? He’s on it!

Part of being a parent is keeping your child alive. Shocking, right? That should be easy enough to do, but kids tend to be accident-prone. They don’t look before they leap, so they need their parents to make sure they’re playing safely. Chen’s fatherly instincts kicked in while Soeul was playing on a slide.


9. He’s already mastered the art of kid carrying

We give this toddler swoop-and-scoop a 10 out of 10. Chen’s a natural!


10. He gives the best hugs

If hugs are medicine, Chen’s are a cure-all. His gentle goodbye hugs to Daeul and Soeul gave fans a sneak preview of all the hugs his own kid will be getting throughout their life.


11. He isn’t afraid to get messy!

Let’s face it; kids are gross. They’re messy, sticky, slimy, and full of germs, but Chen doesn’t seem to mind. Not only did Chen catch the food that fell out of Daeul’s mouth, he ate it himself!

EXO Chen's Marriage & Wife's Pregnancy