Red Velvet Members Re-imagined As Toilet Paper… Seriously!

With a shortage upon us, we have toilet paper on the brain.

All right, we admit it, with a global shortage of toilet paper, we have toilet paper on the mind. We previously re-imagined TWICE as disinfectant wipes, so the obvious next thing to do was re-imagine Red Velvet as toilet paper, right? 🤔

1. Irene as Golden TP

Red Velvet’s Irene just looks like she has money. At any given point, her visuals make her seem like the most expensive thing in any room. With that in mind, Irene would obviously be golden toilet paper, and you can forget about it if it’s less than 24K!

2. Seulgi as Charmin TP

Seulgi is unBEARably cute. (See what we did there?) Known lovingly as Seulgi bear, it just made sense for her to be Charmin.

3. Wendy as Hello Kitty TP

Wendy is super cute and caring. She is the friend everyone wants and needs in their life, much like Hello Kitty. With their warm and caring demeanor, Wendy had to be Hello Kitty toilet paper!

4. Yeri as Rilakkuma toilet paper

Yeri is the group’s maknae, and because of her adorable and sweet energy, Rilakkuma is the perfect fit.

5. Joy as Floral TP

Joy is absolute girlfriend material and has shown that she has an appreciation for floral print. With her feminine vibes and lovely aura, she was a good match for floral TP.

If you don’t agree with this article or think it’s just weird AF, let’s just put it’s creation down to self-isolation boredom. 😜 Otherwise, do you think we nailed it? Or no? What kind of toilet paper do you think they’d be?

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