TWICE Members Re-Imagined As Disinfectant Wipes… Seriously!

This is the content you didn’t know you needed to get you through quarantine.

With flu season coming to an end and allergy season among us, cleaning is an absolute “must-do” for every household. Sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting your abode can become tedious and dull, because, well, who enjoys cleaning? 🤷

With that in mind, we thought it’d be fun to re-imagine what it would be like if members of TWICE were disinfecting wipes because they make everything better!

1. Dahyun as Lysol Lavender Wipes

Dahyun totally rocks the color purple. The ombré against her fair skin makes the color stand out, even more, making her look twice as lovely. Lavender is counted among a favorite fragrance among many people, which is why it’s everywhere from body wash to hand soap to air fresheners. It makes you feel happy and relaxed, just like looking at Dahyun!

Dahyun (Source: Flower Dance Fansite) | Lysol Lavender Scent disinfecting wipes (Source:

2. Sana as Clorox Crisp Lemon Wipes

As they say, “No Sana No Life” and Clorox Crisp Lemon is a classic disinfecting wipe that most people can’t live without, just like Sana!

Sana (Source: Twitter) | Clorox Crisp Lemon wipes (Source:

3. Mina as Brand Lysol Brand New Day Wipes

Lysol‘s Brand New Day disinfecting wipes come in a tub that features a fiery red top and bold eye-catching packaging. With Mina‘s eye-catching beauty and glamorous burgundy hair and red lips, she’s the perfect match for this particular item.

Mina (Source: Black Swan Fansite) | Lysol Brand New Day wipes (Source:

4. Chaeyoung as Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Orange is a color not everyone can pull off. You have to be confident and know you can rise to meet expectations. Both Chaeyoung and the orange Clorox disinfecting wipes not only rock the color orange to perfection, but they always exceed expectations!

Chaeyoung (Source: JYP Entertainment) | Clorox disinfecting wipes (Source:

5. Jeongyeon as Nice Disinfecting Wipes

If there’s one word that boils down to what Jeongyeon is, it’s nice. She volunteers at animal shelters in her spare time and she doesn’t hesitate to call people out when they hurt her friends. Plus, with her light blue hair, she complements the packaging for Nice! brand disinfecting wipes, well, nicely!

Jeongyeon (Source: Wherever Yu Are Fansite) | Nice! Multi-purpose disinfecting wipes (Source:

6. Tzuyu as Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes

Tzuyu is a multi-talented beauty, just like hydrogen peroxide has a multitude of uses, from cleaning to bleaching to being used as an antiseptic.

Tzuyu (Source: BooBiTzu Fansite) | Clorox Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide (Source: Office Supply Hut)

7. Momo as Caviwipes

Caviwipes are packaged in a white and pink container, and although they don’t look half as good and probably can’t dance as well as Momo does, it only made sense to draw a comparison between TWICE’s dancing queen and these wipes that feature brightly-colored packaging.

Momo (Source: Amino) | Caviwipes (Source: USA Medical and Surgical)

8. Jihyo as Clorox VersaSure Wipes

Clorox wipes are dependable, just like TWICE’s leader Jihyo! VersaSure wipes are alcohol-free, which makes them just as wholesome as the group’s reliable leader!

Jihyo (Source: Misayeon on Twitter) | Clorox Versasure (Source: 4MD Medical)

9. Nayeon as Dreumex Disinfecting Wipes

Dreumex disinfecting wipes are scent-free and powerful. While we can’t speak for how Nayeon smells (lol), her vocals and visuals are without a doubt quite powerful in their own right.

Nayeon (Source: First Rabbit Fansite) | Dreumex disinfecting wipes (Source: Dreumex)

What do you think? Would you have drawn different comparisons or do you think this list is pretty spot-on?