5 Of Red Velvet Wendy’s Funniest Moments That Will Make You Smile So Hard Your Face Breaks

Her uncontrollable laughter will make you laugh too!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy is undeniably talented, a total visual, and super-duper nice. She’s also funny AF, and it’s hard to hold back a smile when she’s being so adorable. Here are five of Wendy’s cutest, funniest moments that will make you smile so hard that your face breaks.

1. Wendy saying Kang Ho Dong was her type

During an appearance on Knowing Bros, Wendy couldn’t stop grinning after it was revealed Kang Ho Dong was her type. It was funny, and Wendy’s irrepressible smile was super cute!

2. That time she talked to a stranger

There was a time that Wendy mistook a stranger for a staff member and started talking to them. Although she realized her mistake, the footage ended up being used.

3. When Wendy flipped out after seeing Taeyeon

When Taeyeon made a surprise appearance during a live broadcast, Wendy could not keep her chill and it was the cutest, funniest thing ever.

4. That time Wendy drew Heechul

Back in 2016, Red Velvet was asked to draw how they saw Heechul and Wendy’s sketch was a true work of art.

5. When she had to use a Korean accent to speak English

Wendy is fluent in English, but sometimes she has to speak with a Korean accent when she speaks her native language to be understood!

What are your favorite funny Wendy moments? Be sure to share them with us!

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