10+ MONBEBE Reactions To MONSTA X Shownu’s Military Enlistment That Are Too Relatable

We will always be supporting you, Shownu!

Just shy of two weeks since MONSTA X‘s Shownu announced his enlistment in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces, he has officially left for his mandatory service. The MONSTA X leader, born in 1992, is leading the way for the others as he is the first member to enlist in the military.

July 22 has become quite an emotional day for all of us as Shownu left to fulfill his duty to the nation but also due to the members’ sweet sendoffs. We all await his return, but until then, MONBEBEs are sharing their support by trending #SeeYouAgainShownu on Twitter with over 65,000 tweets as of now.

Here are 10+ of the most relatable MONEBEBE tweet reactions to Shownu’s enlistment…

1. We’ll stay strong together

2. Funny how life is be like that

3. Stay healthy, Shownu!

4. Remembering happy times with him…

5. The first egg…

6. We’ll always be here for you, supporting you from afar!

7. No one can replace our leader

8. Can someone pass the tissue box?

9. It’s hard to be a military wife sometimes

10. When we say we like a man in uniform…

11. He’s a multitasker

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