3 Scary Horror Movies, Recommended By Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon

These were her top picks from all the scary movies she’s watched.

As Dreamcatcher chatted with Ceci Korea, the group was asked for the scariest movie they’d ever watched. Siyeon admitted she has a lot of favorite horror movies. Here are three of her top picks to add to your watchlist for a spooky movie night.

1. IT

The first movie Siyeon named was the remake of Stephen King‘s novel IT.

The 2017 film focuses on a small town terrorized by a murderous clown targeting children.

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2. Orphan

2009’s Orphan was another movie Siyeon thought was “really good,” earning agreement from her members.

A married couple finds out the scary truth behind the young child they adopt after suffering a miscarriage.

3. The Wailing

Rounding out her top picks, Siyeon chose the 2016 Korean film The Wailing.

When a mysterious stranger arrives in a rural village and is connected to a string of murders, the suspicion is too strong for everyone to ignore.

Bonus: One Missed Call

If those picks aren’t enough, Yoohyeon and JiU both agreed that One Missed Call was the scariest movie they’ve seen.

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