Stray Kids Took The MBTI Personality Test For Fun, Here’s Each Member’s Type

They’re as similar and different as you’d think.

To kick off the beginning of their new series One Kid’s Room, which has now come to an end, Stray Kids took the MBTI Personality Type test just to see what their outcomes would be. Here are the types that each member ended up with, including their personalities from the point of view of each other.

1. Seungmin — ESFJ-A

According to Hyunjin, Seungmin is someone who speaks well and can organize his thoughts in a way that makes sense. He’s so organized that he can go overboard, with Bang Chan using Seungmin’s tendency to brush his teeth numerous times in one day.

2. Hyunjin — ENTP-T

Based on the Han‘s and the other members’ experiences, Hyunjin can easily be swayed by the suggestions of others. Seungmin also explained that he lets his emotions bottle up until there’s no choice but to release them, like the time he broke down in tears at their concert.

3. Han — ISTP-T

Despite how happy-go-lucky and excited Han appears, Lee Know revealed that he’s much calmer and quieter in everyday life. Changbin specifically pointed out the “sweet” way that he talks. Hyunjin even stated, “I think he’s a genius.”

4. Changbin — ENFP-T

Although Changbin is one of the older members of the group, Bang Chan and Lee Know revealed his attention span is nearly non-existent, resembling a kindergartner’s. Seungmin redeemed him by saying how determined Changbin is in completing tasks, even if he’s exhausted.

5. Lee Know — ESFJ-T

Most of the time, Lee Know doesn’t seem to show interest in anything besides his cats. Seungmin tore that idea down, “He has a lot of interest in human beings.” Bang Chan then joked he was interested in the same way an alien would be. It may not seem like it, but Lee Know admitted he’s always looking after them—in his own way.

6. I.N — ESFJ-T

As the maknae, I.N should be the one who’s always depending on his older members. He’s the opposite, keeping his emotions under control and to himself. Now that he’s opened up more as he’s getting older, they think he’s finally reaching his rebellious stage. Lee Know said, “His adolescence came a bit late.”

7. Felix — ENFP-T

Seungmin revealed that Felix is the type to plan such thoughtful and caring events that they could bring them to tears. Han and Hyunjin continued talking about how affectionate he is, from cuddling with them after deep conversations to just wanting to play games with them.

8. Bang Chan — ENFJ-T

Trying to describe Bang Chan, Changbin pointed out how scary he used to be when he was a trainee. Despite that, Felix revealed how much he’s changed since then, becoming someone who is more caring and cheers them up with his playful teasing.

Even though many of them share the same personality type, they all have their own distinct personalities. Were you expecting these results?

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