Sunmi Spills On 5 Of Her Introverted Habits That Are Relatable AF

She is a certified homebody.

Soloist Sunmi recently joined Jonathan Thona for a spirited interview discussing the singer’s introverted habits.

Sunmi | @miyayeah/Instagram

Jonathan’s interview began with a skit, introducing Patricia as his intern and fellow journalist. Jonathan and Patricia then met with Sunmi, who is promoting her new single “Heart Burn,” to begin writing their article.

The three sat down to chat and focused on Sunmi’s MBTI results. In 2018, Sunmi revealed on Twitter that she is an INFP personality type but has also received the results as INTP.

Upon discovering that she has received test results for both MBTI types, Sunmi hilariously suggested Jonathan and Patricia name the article “Sunmi Changes From INFP To INTP⁠—MBTI Controversy.”

Although both types are different, they share the common personality traits of introverted, feeling, and prospecting. Jonathan and Patricia began asking Sunmi questions that focused on her introverted side.

1. Leaving messages unread

Patricia revealed she heard that Sunmi prefers to leave her text messages unread; Sunmi confirmed this was true. Her reason was that she looked busier if she didn’t read as many text messages.

2. All errands are completed in one trip

Jonathan then began to quiz Sunmi to see if she was a true homebody, and her answer indicated she was. When asked if she has to complete all of her tasks while running errands, Sunmi confirmed she does.

3. Is perfectly content staying home with no plans

When asked if she just feels lazy when thinking of going out but is secretly happy when she leaves the house, Sunmi wholeheartedly disagreed.

4. Stays in pajamas if she doesn’t have plans

Sunmi shared that you can find her at home in her pajamas if she doesn’t have plans for the weekend. She even disclosed that if she’s staying in for the weekend, she’s not showering.

5. She spends Friday night at home

In the interview, Jonathan asked if Sunmi goes out on Friday nights. Jonathan used the Korean slang word 불금 (bulgeum), a mix of the words “hot” and “Friday.” Bulgeum is used to refer to Friday nights that kick off the weekend.

Sunmi hilariously replied that the word was not even in her vocabulary.

Jonathan shared that she passed the test and was officially a certified homebody. Sunmi agreed and suggested a headline for their article that states she isolates herself.

Jonathan and Patricia continued to ask the idol hard-hitting questions and even challenged the accuracy of the height listed on her profile. To see their hilarious interview, check out the video below!

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