5 Times BTS Crashed The Weverse App With Their Shenanigans

It just couldn’t handle the combination of ARMY’s love and BTS’s power.

In 2019, Big Hit Entertainment developed the Weverse app as a way for fans to communicate better with their artists. Unfortunately, there are times when the app just can’t handle ARMY’s love for BTS!

1. When Jungkook K.O’d Weverse with three sentences

After 12 days of vacationing in private, Jungkook returned to Weverse last summer to check in with fans. He asked fans what they were up to, what he should do instead of going to sleep, and if he should go play Overwatch. Those three sentences brought in more ARMYs than the app could handle!

2. That time Jin got booted out of Weverse

In May, accidentally got kicked out of Weverse, but he had no idea why. He wrote, “I think I’ve been kicked out of Weverse…please let me know if I’ve done something wrong- Jin.”

This could because of the spam storm he started while waiting for to leave him a comment.

While waiting for V, who never ended up responding, Jin was joined by J-Hope and RM. This text-happy trio ended up turning Weverse into their personal group chat, spamming ARMYs will more notifications than they (and the app) could handle.

3. The Bon Voyage 3 takeover 

Last November, BTS released Season 4 of their travel-reality show, Bon Voyage, on Weverse. As soon as Episode 1 went live, ARMYs flooded the app, and the poor thing didn’t stand a chance!

4. V’s “Sketch Quiz” fiasco

Last October, V went on one of his famous posting sprees and invited fans to play Sketch Quiz (스케치 퀴즈). In this game, players have to guess what another player is drawing.

Shortly after V asked ARMY to tell him when they had finished downloading the app…


…and they crashed it. Whoops! (Technically, this is a Sketch Quiz crash, not a Weverse crash, but since one led to the other…)


— V

5.  That time Jungkook broke Weverse…and Twitter?

Jungkook doesn’t post often, but when he does, ARMYs swarm to it! When Jungkook tried to post his letter on Twitter, he encountered technical difficulties. So, he posted it on Weverse…and experience more technical difficulties!