7 Times BTS Directly Called Out People Who Violated Their Privacy

More often than not, sasaengs fans are the biggest problem.

The worst part of being a K-Pop idol is often dealing with invasions of privacy by nosy individuals and sasaeng (stalker) fans. As one of the biggest acts in the world, BTS has dealt with invasions of privacy far too often, leading to them having to address it directly.

Here are seven times BTS called out those invading their privacy.

1. KORAIL Employee Looking Up RM’s Information

It was revealed that an employee of South Korea’s railway operator had been abusing their power and looking up RM‘s personal information, including his photo number and address.

RM responded by posting a screenshot of an article with text representing the 😅 emoji.

Headline title “Korail Employee Who Released Unauthorized Personal Information of BTS RM ‘Leaked Ticket Information For 3 Years”| @rkive/Instagram

2. Jungkook Calling Out Fans Who Came To His Gym

During Jungkook‘s most recent Weverse live, he addressed fans who showed up at his gym while working out. He thanked fans for being interested in him but directly asked that they not come to find him during private schedules.

3. Jimin Calling Out Fans Calling Him During His Live

While Jimin was in the United States for J-Hope‘s performance at Lollapolooza, the pair were live streaming when Jimin began receiving calls. While off-frame to check his phone Jimin says, “Don’t call me. ARMY don’t call,” addressing the sasaengs calling him.

4. RM Addressing His Temple Visit Being Leaked

In early January 2023, multiple media outlets reported that RM had visited the Hwaeomsa Temple in Mount Jirisan. While RM himself had shared that he went, fans were shocked when interviews with the temple’s chief monk were shared.

| KoreanJoongAng

RM shared a series of posts about his privacy being invaded, saying, “I was grateful for the time spent there, but didn’t expect an article about it…” and sharing a story that said “#lowkeymustbelowkey.”


5. Suga Saying That He Gets Texts From “Weird People”

During an episode of Run BTS! Suga mentioned that he needed to change his number because of texts he had been getting from “weird people.” It was assumed these people were sasaengs and this was his way of calling them out!

6. V Asking Fans Not To Sit Near Them On Flights

In 2019, V talked about fans who try to sit next to them on flights, saying he “wished they wouldn’t do it.”

I’m speaking for all of us. We now fly private jets but we’d actually love to fly with commercial airlines. But whenever we fly, whether short or long distance, there are people who found out where we sit in advance. They would sit in front of us or right next to us, and it made us a little uncomfortable. Well, honestly, I wish they wouldn’t do it. It scares me. Really.

— V


7. Jungkook Blocking A Sasaeng Calling Him

During a live stream in Jun 2019, Jungkook took the chance to explain what was going on when he received a call on his phone.

This is a call from a fan. It’s saying ‘You’re doing a V-Live and I just called to check’. What I do is, I immediately blocked the call. I actually get a lot of calls from saesang fans.

– Jungkook

It is unfortunate that BTS have to deal with this, but it is good they can share their feelings when it happens!