5+ Times BTS’s J-Hope Dropped Hints For Solo Album “Jack In The Box”

He thought of everything!

ARMYs are eagerly anticipating BTS J-Hope‘s solo comeback with his album Jack in the Box. Recently, his tracklist for it was released, and now we realize that despite the contrast to his usual aesthetic, it’s still connected to Hope World. 


So, J-Hope has been planning and even released spoilers and hints regarding Jack in the Box for a while.

Check out 5+ times J-Hope hinted at Jack in the Box

1. Way back in 2013

One time, J-Hope explained the origins of his stage name.

2. “ARSON”

Before the tracklist release, J-Hope shared a video of himself lighting a candle that read, “ARSON,” one of his new songs’ titles.

3. “JACK”

Do you believe in coincidences?

4. “STOP (세상에 나쁜 사람은 없다)”

The fourth song on Jack in the Box translates to “STOP (There are no bad people in the world).” During a live broadcast, J-Hope recommended a book by the same title written by poet Won Jae Hoon.


5. It’s all connected

In a recent interview, J-Hope revealed that he fears the future. Track #9 on Jack in the Box is titled “Future.” Considering the entire album has a scary concept, it makes so much sense.

6. “= (Equal Sign)”

In J-Hope’s verse in BTS’s “Jamais Vu,” he says, “my life and yours are equal sign.” This foreshadows Jack in the Box track #5 “= (Equal Sign).”

J-Hope served as a songwriter on “Jamais Vu.”

7. “Music Box : Reflection”

The visual teaser for Jack in the Box seemed to hint at track #6, “Music Box : Reflection.”

8. “Pandora’s Box” was always there…

Last but not least, the main inspiration behind Jack in the Box is, of course, “Pandora’s Box,” which is also the title of track #2. Both “Pandora’s Box” and a Jack in the Box toy were featured in the cover art for J-Hope’s “Blue Side.”

He truly thought of everything!