6 Unforgettable Times BTS Proved Their Haters Wrong

From false accusations to Billboard charts, BTS proved they were born to shine.

BTS have achieved an unprecedented level of success, but many people thought they wouldn’t make it. Here are just 6 times BTS proved their haters wrong.

1. “They’ll probably be forgotten…”

On the day BTS debuted with 2 Cool 4 Skool, the members sat down for an interview with Star News to discuss their career goals.

K-Pop is an oversaturated and highly competitive industry, but RM swore that BTS would make it against all odds. Not everyone agreed with him.

They say it’s very hard for rookie artists to survive these days, but we’re definitely going to survive and become artists who are beloved by the public.

— RM

In the comment section, one netizen said BTS would be forgotten. Thankfully, that prediction didn’t come true!

2. “Plagiarism Boys”

When BTS began to break into the K-Pop mainstream in 2015 and 2016, they faced prejudice, discrimination, plagiarism accusations, and much more.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook.com

Some anti-fans attempted to defame BTS by trending hashtags like “plagiarism boys”. In response, BTS showed their strength and vulnerability by mentioning these controversies in their WINGS tour VCR.

Ever since then, they have been overcoming discrimination and proving their originality with many barrier-breaking hit songs.

3. Chart manipulation

In addition to plagiarism, BTS were accused of manipulating music charts. Netizens claimed that BTS engaged in sajaegi (buying large quantities of albums to inflate sales numbers) after BTS beat BIGBANG in album sales. How else could a group from a small company be so successful?

These rumors were proven false, and BTS proved their popularity by taking over the charts again and again. They worked hard until their idols became their rivals.

Fast forward to 2019. During his acceptance speech for the “Song of the Year” award at 2019 MAMA, Jin spoke out about chart manipulation. He feels that music should be done in an honest way.

I really want us to live in a world where all of those songs are heard and get recognition they deserve. I know there are some negative ways to do this, but music should be done in an honest way. I look forward to living in a world where music is produced in good faith, and heard in good faith.

— Jin

4. The ultimate mic drop

In 2017, haters accused BTS of lipsyncing, but Suga wasn’t having it.

He responded to haters during the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun by not rapping part of “MIC Drop”. When Suga did this, the track played without his vocals, proving once and for all that BTS sings live.

5. Western award shows and music charts

Ever since BTS broke into the international mainstream, they faced discrimination from western media, award shows, and music charts.

| Metro/metro.co.uk

Slowly but surely, these stars are proving that they deserve their place at the top. They have now won awards and performed at various award shows including the Billboard Music Awards and the Video Music Awards. 

| @vmas/Twitter.com

Most recently, BTS took No.1 on the Billboard “Hot 100” chart for two weeks in a row!

6. Not visuals?

For years netizens criticized BTS’s looks, especially RM’s, but there’s no denying that he is a visual. Anyone who says otherwise needs to borrow his glasses!

Here’s more beautiful proof for this undeniable truth: