6 Times EXO’s Lay Was Too Adorable For Our Hearts To Handle

He’s too cute for his own good.

EXO‘s Lay is a loving person with stellar visuals and a heart of gold—seriously! After all, how many people would tell an anti-fan to keep doing what they’re doing as long as it makes them happy? The soft-hearted Lay is likely in the minority in feeling that way.

In all his cinnamon roll glory, Lay has had a plethora of moments that were so cute it left us “aww”-ing.

1. The Pocky Kiss

Source: YouTube

2. “Jurajil Park”

Source: YouTube

3. Lay Admitting His Fears

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4. When He Threatened To Poke Suho’s Butt…

Source: YouTube

5. … And Then Couldn’t Explain Why He Does It

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6. That Time He Flipped Out Over A “Pineapple”

Lay’s carefree and cute personality is certainly fun, and these 6 moments are just a fraction of all the adorable moments he’s had since debuting with EXO!