5 Times Suga Dropped “Fact Bombs” On BTS’s Members

When it comes to facts, he doesn’t hold back.

BTS‘s Suga is honest, practical, and blunt. He the kind of person who always gets (painfully?) straight to the point, whether you’re asking for it or not. Here are 5 times Suga dropped “fact bombs” on his members!


1. When he suddenly became a marine biologist

On Run BTS!J-Hope swam like a whale while making up a dance for “Whalien 52”. According to Suga, it wasn’t realistic!


2. When he didn’t hold back in this art critique

Suga had very strong opinions about Jin’s doodles when BTS played a Pictionary game. (Spoiler: Suga’s skills weren’t much better!)


3. When he had no faith in BTS’s athleticism

Does practice make perfect? If you’re BTS trying to play badminton or volleyball, Suga’s answer is no!


4. When he rendered RM speechless

A word of advice. Don’t ask Suga questions you already know the answers to!


5. When he shot down V’s dreams of being a basketball star

Harsh, but true?