Suga’s “Dangerous” Doodles Accidentally Cursed BTS Out

He savage subconscious jumped out in this Run BTS! game.

Usually, Suga is savage on purpose, but sometimes it’s accidental!


In Episode 89 of Run BTS!, the members played a Pictionary-style game where each member drew a BTS song on a whiteboard, while the others guessed. Suga’s message got lost in translation, to say the least.


Jin guessed “Danger” because one of Suga’s stickmen looked like it was strangling the other.


“Throat-squeezing man”? Hmm. BTS have released many songs, but J-Hope doesn’t remember that bop!


When Suga tried to “Make It Right” by adding a new doodle, things went from bad to worse. The palm he drew looked like it was shooting BTS the middle finger!


Editors to the rescue! “Don’t misunderstand”, they wrote in the captions. “BTS is harmless.” 


The correct answer was “Hold Me Tight”, so Suga’s doodle was technically correct. After all, there’s no tighter hold than a stranglehold!


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