Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like TREASURE In Cozy Knitwear

Some pieces are surprisingly affordable!

TREASURE impressed everyone in Episode 35 of TREASURE MAP with their individual talents, acting skills, and of course, their visuals! Throughout the video, they looked as warm and cozy as possible in their cute cardigans and sweaters.

If you were ever interested in knowing what brands they’re wearing and how much their clothes cost, check them out below!

1. Junkyu

First up, Junkyu wore MOMOKOREA‘s “Angel Crew Neck Knit” in the color Sage Green. It has a recognizable bird-like pattern on its front and it costs $99 USD.


It matched his refreshing image perfectly!

2. Yedam

Next, Yedam wore a knit vest in the color purple over a white dress shirt. The “Logo Twist Knit Vest” from Oi!Oi!Collection retails for ¥7,608 or around $70 USD.

| jp.oi-oi

Purple is definitely his color!

3. Mashiho

Mashiho was full of aegyo with his “Please buy me something” expression and overall cute looks. His bright blue “Argyle Cardigan” from Main Booth matched him flawlessly. If you want to copy his style, it will set you back ₩82,000 KRW (about $72.80 USD).

| Main Booth

If you can look even just a little like Mashiho, it’s worth it!

4. Doyoung

Doyoung also stood out with his brightly colored blue-pink cardigan that had loud prints all over it. It was from a brand called HOLY NUMBER 7 and the piece was called “OVER-FIT Cardigan” in pink. You can buy this unique article of clothing for ₩147,000 KRW (about $130 USD)!


Doyoung can definitely pull off any fashion style!

5. Jihoon

Jihoon had a much more laidback outfit with mmlg‘s “College Cardigan” in sky blue. This relaxed attire can be bought for ₩115,000 KRW (about $102 USD).

| 87mm

No matter if it’s acting or fashion, Jihoon’s killing it!

6. Junghwan

Finally for this list, Junghwan showed off his youthful energy in a cute cream colored sweater with black and orange accents. It was Mark Gonzales‘ “Wappen V-Neck Knit Sweater” that retails for ¥8,840 or around $82 USD.


It emphasized his visuals and smooth moves even more!

When it comes to looks, everyone in TREASURE is stunning!

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