Here Are The MBTI Personality Types Of Every TREASURE Member

Can you guess their results?

The members of TREASURE recently took the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator to discover their MBTI personality types. Take a look at the types each member was categorized into!

1. ENFP: Choi Hyunsuk, Mashiho

Known as “Campaigners,” ENFPs are often described as curious, open-minded, and energetic. The possibilities are endless when it comes to their imagination and the things they can create!

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They’re also excellent communicators and are naturally friendly — which makes Hyunsuk a great choice as TREASURE’s leader!

2. ENTJ: Jihoon, Doyoung

“Commanders” are self-confident and efficient in whatever they do. Often driven by a thirst for momentum and accomplishment, they crave the feeling of setting and achieving their goals.

The combination of “T and J” (Thinking and Judging) in this personality type can make them a bit stubborn. However, as a dance leader, this can make Jihoon feel motivated to help others perfect their choreography!

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3. INFP: Junkyu, Yoshi, Yoon Jaehyuk, Asahi, Bang Yedam

“Mediators” are hardworking, passionate people who tend to be optimistic. They can communicate deeply with others they trust since they’re such emotional and empathetic beings.

However, they can be shy, so it may be difficult to get to know them at first — but once they begin to open up, they’ll wholeheartedly show you their true loveable personalities!

4. ISFP: Haruto, Park Jeongwoo

Known as “Adventurers,” those with an ISFP personality type are spontaneous and creative with an artistic view of the world.

This makes being an idol a perfect job for Haruto and Jeongwoo to express their wild creativity and show themselves to the world.

5. INFJ: So Junghwan

“Advocate” is the rarest personality type in the world, making up less than 2% of the population.

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INFJs are inspiring and convincing, often using their powers for good — and as TREASURE’s maknae, Junghwan has immense power!

Watch the members take the personality quiz below!

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