5 Times TWICE’s Dahyun Was The Least Introverted Introvert On The Planet

Dahyun may be an introvert, but she’s even bolder than some extroverts!

TWICE‘s Dahyun may be an introvert, but she still thrives in the spotlight!

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Dahyun’s MBTI type is ISFJ, which means she is an introvert. Dahyun’s got plenty of fellow introverts surrounding her in TWICE, too. In fact, Sana is the group’s only extrovert!

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Many people were surprised to learn that Dahyun was an introvert because she has a larger-than-life personality on stage and on variety shows. Here are 5 times Dahyun seemed like the least introverted introvert on the planet!

1. When she was the group’s best salesperson at the market

Even though Dahyun is an introvert, she puts herself out there when she needs to! On TWICE’s Private Life, Nayeon, Momo, and Dahyun were selling goods on the street, and Dahyun was the first member to approach a customer. She easily convinced the woman to buy a pair of shoes, and she treated the woman like they were old friends!

2. When she befriended someone she sold shoes to online

If she weren’t a superstar, Dahyun would make a great salesperson! Dahyun, Momo, and Nayeon sold a pair of shoes to a girl online, and Dahyun met the girl at the subway station to deliver the shoes. Although most introverts are shy when they first meet someone new, Dahyun easily struck up a conversation with the girl and found out that she was a ONCE!

3. When she showed off her secret talents

Dahyun is a woman of many talents, and she isn’t afraid to show them off! Although many introverts would be afraid to show their quirky sides to strangers, Dahyun had no problem showing the Radio Star cast and all the viewers at home her insane flexibility.

4. When she yelled at Park Jin Young on TV

It takes guts to yell at your boss! While playing a game on Knowing Bros, Dahyun yelled at Park Jin Young (also known as JYP) out of frustration. Although she’s an introvert, Dahyun had no trouble showing off her fiery side on this variety show!

5. When she showed off her edgy side

Dahyun may be an introvert, but she’s incredibly lively! On Weekly Idol, she showed off her “edgy” pose and shook the hosts and her fellow TWICE members when she suddenly roared. With her unexpected antics, Dahyun is every variety show PD’s dream!



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