5 Moments That Prove TWICE’s Jeongyeon Is The Ultimate Scorpio

Her sign fits her so well!

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon is a total Scorpio!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

Scorpios are confident, caring, and charismatic. People are instantly drawn to their mysterious vibe and always want to know more about this water sign.

Here are 5 moments where Jeongyeon totally fit her zodiac sign!

1. Whenever she stares intensely at the camera

Scorpios are known for their intense, magnetic gaze, and Jeongyeon definitely has the infamous Scorpio look down pat! When she mysteriously looks into the camera during photoshoots and music videos, you can’t help but take notice of her.

2. When she took a puppy in need under her wing

Scorpios are known for their aloof vibes and independence, but they are extremely caring. Jeongyeon proved just how big her heart is when she not only fostered a puppy but also started an Instagram account to help the pup find its forever home. On the Instagram page, she shared updates on how the dog’s skincare condition was healing and also shared cute photos and videos of the dog having fun with her dogs.

3. When she was super extra on the III tour

Scorpios are usually calm and collected, but they know how to let loose and have fun! Jeongyeon returned to the stage to join the other members on the III tour, and she reminded ONCEs just how much fun she is to watch. One of her most iconic tour moments was when she started twerking and left Nayeon shook!

4. When she knew how to make the members listen to her without even having to say anything

There’s something about Scorpios that makes people listen to them! They give off strong, powerful, and assertive vibes even when they don’t say anything. On Knowing Bros, Nayeon said that Jeongyeon was the cleaning supervisor of TWICE’s dorm, and she took photos as proof of when the members skipped their chores. Instead of reprimanding them for not doing their chores, she would send the photos to the group chat. After Jeongyeon sent the photos, the members would clean up.

5. When she transforms into a totally different person on stage

Scorpios are an enigmatic bunch, and it often seems as if they can change their personality based on the situation they’re in. Although Jeongyeon delights ONCEs with adorable dorky moments offstage, she’s a charismatic baddie on stage! No matter the TWICE concept, Jeongyeon never fails to pull it off perfectly.

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