3 Times TWICE Lived Fearlessly And Gave Zero F*cks About JYP Entertainment’s Rules

Sana and Momo went to great lengths to eat one of their favorite foods when they were trainees!

The TWICE members can sometimes be quite “rebellious,” and there have been moments where they ignored JYP Entertainment‘s (TWICE’s agency) rules! Here are 3 of these moments.

1. Chaeyoung cutting her hair

In an episode of Weekly Idol, Chaeyoung showed off a short hairstyle, and she shared that actress Kristen Stewart inspired her.

When I want to do something, I’m very impulsive about it.

— Chaeyoung

TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung decided to cut her hair without asking her agency first, and Park Jin Young, JYP Entertainment’s founder, was quite shocked by this!

Your decision should have been known to the company before you went any further. You should’ve asked or mentioned this to the company before making a dramatic change like a haircut.

— Park Jin Young

Park Jin Young

2. Sana and Momo getting jokbal

K-Pop trainees are usually on strict diets, and the TWICE members experienced this. However, Sana and Momo once thought of a way to “sneakily” break their diet. When they were trainees, they were craving jokbal, a traditional Korean dish of pig trotters braised in soy sauce and spices.

TWICE’s Momo eating jokbal

Sana and Momo, however, weren’t allowed to eat it due to their diet. Also, there was a CCTV camera in front of their dorm, so they would have got caught if they tried to eat it. None of this stopped Sana and Momo, as they ordered jokbal, tied the money in shoelaces, and passed the money through the windows of their building! They then collected the jokbal and hid it while returning to their dorms, and once they were out of sight from the CCTV camera, they quickly ate the jokbal!

TWICE’s Sana

Unfortunately for Sana and Momo, they got caught by their manager because they accidentally left a piece of lettuce on the floor. The two then hilariously pulled out the “foreigner card” and acted as if they couldn’t understand Korean and said they were “unaware” of jokbal being forbidden!

3. JYP Entertainment calling because of a word Jeongyeon said

In a live broadcast, Jeongyeon laughingly asked Momo to get her a beer.

After saying the word “beer,” Jeongyeon decided to be a little playful and acted as if she said “seaweed.”

Jeongyeon then hilariously tried to mute the live broadcast!

There were also some hilarious attempts at trying to cover up the sound of a can opening.

Jeongyeon’s expression changed when she received a call from JYP Entertainment!

Jeongyeon then said that they wouldn’t drink since their agency kept calling them!