9 Up-close Photos Of TWICE’s Momo Taken By Nearby Fans That Will Make You Jealous AF

The fan in #8 is sooo lucky.

Everyone wants to have that experience of being right in front of their bias and taking in every inch of their radiating beauty IRL…and until that day comes for us, we’re grateful we can live through the experiences of others. Here are 9 times fans were “this close” to TWICE‘s Momo.

1. If Momo held the mic out to us, we wouldn’t know what to say.

2. Imagine being this close to an angel.

3. Seeing Momo and Chaeyoung mid-vlog is the experience of a lifetime.

4. Her adorable pigtails are probably even more perfect IRL.

5. Momo and Tzuyu’s UwU moment…but from 5 feet away.

6. Her body is unreal.


7. …And so are her visuals.

8. To whoever’s phone Momo took during a concert: You have been blessed.

9. These fans who were mere steps away must have done some kind deeds in their past lives.