4 Stories From TWICE’s Trainee Days That All ONCEs Need To Know

“We used to eat a lot in the restroom when we were trainees.”

TWICE has shared many stories from their trainee days, and some of them show how much they endured during these times. Here are 4 stories from TWICE’s trainee days that all ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) need to know.

1. Jihyo nearly giving up on becoming an idol

Jihyo was a trainee for 10 years, and she once nearly gave up on her dreams.

TWICE’s Jihyo when she was 10 years old

In an episode of JTBC‘s Carefree Travellers, Jihyo shared that since she became a trainee at such a young age, she couldn’t travel with her family or make memories as a student.

It makes me sad that I have no memories of my school days. I had to go straight to training after classes, so I was envious of friends going out to eat tteokbokki or hit a karaoke together after school.

— Jihyo

When asked if she ever considered quitting at some point, Jihyo honestly shared that she considered quitting when the group she was supposed to debut in disbanded.

Right before I debuted, I wanted to quit. Before TWICE, there was this team that I was a part of. When that team disbanded, I just wanted to give up.

— Jihyo

Thankfully for Jihyo, she was given another chance to debut through the show SIXTEEN, which is the show that formed TWICE!

2. Dahyun and Momo speaking on dieting

In a live broadcast, Dahyun and Momo spoke about dieting as trainees and how intense it was. The two shared that they cried a lot because of how tough the dieting was.

Their agency (JYP Entertainment) had strict guidelines on trainees losing weight every day!

While Dahyun appreciates how she looks now, she doesn’t like looking back on dieting as a trainee because of the unpleasant memories.

Momo then laughingly spoke about when she was banned from the trainee cafeteria and had to sneak in and eat other trainees’ food!

3. Sana revealing that she nearly gave up on becoming an idol

Before Sana debuted, she appeared in GOT7‘s “A” music video.

TWICE’s Sana in GOT7’s “A” music video | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

In TWICE: SEIZE THE LIGHT, Sana shared that she was appreciative of this experience.

Before I debuted, I took part in the music video for ‘A’ by GOT7. That’s how people saw me on TV for the first time.

— Sana

She then shared that she stopped managing her weight around that time and was ready to quit!

But, at that time, I started to gain weight because I was thinking of quitting.

— Sana

Thankfully, Sana decided to continue and was able to debut as a member of TWICE!

4. TWICE revealing that they used to eat in restrooms

In a live broadcast, TWICE shared that they once got caught eating in the practice room and were made to go to the gym!

Because we were caught while eating something in the practice room, we went to the gym together.

— Momo

The members then shared that they didn’t have a place to eat during their trainee days and would often resort to eating in restrooms!

We used to eat a lot in the restroom when we were trainees.

— Jeongyeon

While Nayeon tried to say that the restrooms were clean, the other members quickly said that this was an exaggeration, and Jihyo added that the restrooms were smelly!