7 Reasons You Have To Check Out TXT’s Debut

You definitely don’t want to miss any of their debut:

The time has finally come and TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) has officially debuted. The new boy group has finally released their long-awaited debut album “The Dream Chapter: Star” and successfully completed their debut showcase! Although we’re sure you’ve already dived deep into the world of TXT and were watching all that new content as soon as it was uploaded, here are some great reasons to watch all that content again or to make your friends check out TXT’s debut too!


1. They sold over 100,000 albums during preorders

The number of preorders for the group’s debut album was absolutely shocking. With over 104,300 albums already spoken for, this rookie group already proved to be a group to look out for!


2. They have visuals for days

Although watching a group’s debut simply because they have outstanding visuals shouldn’t be one of the deciding factors to actually check out a group, TXT’s visuals are so off the charts that they stole everyone’s heart before they even debuted! Plus their unique cuteness was definitely on full display throughout their debut!


3. Their dance skills are already showstopping

Can we seriously just admire how good they are at dancing?


4. The members have already proven they can all sing, rap, and fill the stage with their presence

Each of the members may have their own specific role in the group but the skills they showed off during their debut showcase certainly prove the group is ready to take on the stage. Each of the members has shown they’ve got heart-stopping vocal abilities, almost all of the members have demonstrated their excellent rap skills, and seeing them up on stage…well, there’s no denying they have some serious stage presence!


5. Their genre of music can only be described as amazing

So far, the group has performed 3 different songs at their debut showcase and each one of them has something interesting to offer. Where “CROWN” is fun and energetic, “Blue Orangeade” has a completely different sound and hip-hop like beat, while “Nap of a Star” is pure heavenly beauty. If those three songs already show so much variety, we certainly can’t wait to hear the rest of their album!


6. Their “CROWN” MV is a work of art

Their debut MV is legitimately a work of art. The music video is cute and vibrant with lots of interesting graphics and camera angles that will catch your eyes. It fits with the upbeat and fun song and just works really well!


7. And their debut will definitely make you want to know more about them

If their dance moves, vocal and rap skills, and visuals weren’t already enough to make you want to find out more about the members, their debut showcase celebration video certainly will. With 6 full minutes of the group playing games, being ridiculously cute, and teasing each other if you didn’t already love them you totally will after watching it!


Now check out their debut performances below:

TXT's Debut