Here’s How Much TXT’s Outfits For Their Intro Teasers Cost

Some of these TXT items are within budget. Others, not so much.

Big Hit Entertainment‘s new rookie group TXT is just starting out, but already they’re wearing designer brands that their sunbaes, BTS, definitely couldn’t afford in their rookie days! Fans may be surprised at how expensive (and inexpensive, in some cases) these 10+ TXT clothing items are.


1. Yeonjun’s N°21 Claudia Wool Logo Cardigan – $530


2. Taehyun’s ROCKET X LUNCH: M)R Basic Angora Knit Top (Blue) – $190


3. HueningKai’s Helmut Lang Men’s Taxi Hoodie – $210


4. TXT’s Old School VANS – $60


5. HueningKai’s Acne Studios Yellow Saidy Wool Sweater – $161


6. Beomgyu’s Helmut Lang Reverse Logo Print Hoodie – $292


7. Beomgyu’s TRTK T38F Basic Knit MTM (Orange) – $52


8. HueningKai’s Sportivo Woven Polo Shirt Red – $572


9. Soobin’s Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Converse – $55


10. Yeonjun’s Champion Reverse Weave All Over Print Pullover Hoodie – $60


11. Collective cost for this TXT group photo –  $1000+

TXT’s fashionable casual wear in this photo adds up to more than $1000. Yeonjun’s Stone Island 558B4 top is $573 alone!

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