5 Times TXT’s Yeonjun Proudly Wore Genderless Outfits And Stunned In Them All

You don’t see #5 on men often.

“Genderless fashion” has been increasing in popularity in recent years, especially in K-Pop. Quite a number of male idols like TXT have occasionally been seen rocking outfits that, traditionally, men do not wear.

Out of all the members, Yeonjun has been the most vocal about it. He previously spoke to Vogue Korea about his views on the topic, saying, “Who’s to decide whether something is women’s or men’s clothing?

TXT’s Yeonjun

And true to his words, he doesn’t let any gender norms get in the way of what he likes! In no particular order, here are five times he wasn’t afraid to be seen in genderless fashion.

1. This black dress

They say everyone should keep a little black dress in their closet, and Yeonjun most likely agrees. In a past photoshoot for ELLE KOREA, he stood tall and proud in a simple dress.


2. This corset

Corsets are usually worn by women, but Yeonjun makes it clear that men would look amazing in them too. I mean, just look at him!

3. These high-waisted pants

Anything high-waisted has been all the rage in women’s fashion for years, but most men still opt to wear low-waisted pants. Not Yeonjun, though. As long as it looks good, he’ll wear it, gender norms be damned.

4. This lacy dress

And speaking of looking good, this white dress adorned with lace and ruffles is crazy stunning on him. According to the head of BIGHIT MUSIC’s Visual Creative Team, the theme of this outfit was a “ragged prince” who needed to be protected. The team agreed that the best way to express this concept was to break away from the usual idea of a prince, hence the dress.

5. This pink top

Last but not the least, Yeonjun looked pretty in pink this crop top, which showed off his midriff. There aren’t many men who would wear such a bright and short shirt, so major props to him!

In related news, you can learn more about the origin of TXT’s genderless fashion in the article below.

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