Here Are 10+ Verified Account Tweet Reactions To BTS’s New “Butter” Song

Let’s get this bread (and butter)!

Ever since BTS announced that they would be releasing their new single “Butter,” everyone has been taking to social media to respond to the news. ARMYs have been dropping their best pick up lines and memes. The verified stan accounts, a.k.a. big brands and businesses, are tweeting their reactions too. Here are 10+ of the best…

1. Hell’s Kitchen

We only melt butter around here. ✋

2. Petco

Spread positivity this week. 😊

3. All of the MTV accounts

From the US to the UK…

Even Germany and Argentina!

They even reminded other brands what’s up.

Seriously, no one’s doing it like MTV.

4. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Margarine companies, especially I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, had a lot of feels.

5. Land O’Lakes

Meanwhile, butter companies celebrate everywhere.

6. Spotify

They’re prepared for streaming parties!

7. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is also ready to stream!

8. We’ve got the power of K-Pop and anime on our side!

9. Barbie

She remains forever loyal to BTS.


10. iHeartRadio

We’re not the only ones who appreciate a good “Butter” themed meme.

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