Viral Visuals: 4 Male Non-Celebrities Who Ended All Models In 2021

Some were mistaken for idols.

These handsome non-celebrities aren’t idols or actors, but with visuals like these, they could be someday! All four went viral in 2021.

1. The high schooler with lead actor energy

An ordinary Japanese high school student by the name of Shusuke went viral in South Korea after a hair salon posted a video of him on Instagram. Even with a mask on, his looks stood out among the account’s hair models.

Shusuke | @lipps_hiratatakumi/Instagram

Without the mask, he’s a K-Drama lead in the making! Shusuke’s fans have compared his visuals to those of idol-actor Cha Eunwoo from ASTRO.

| @lipps_hiratatakumi/Instagram

2. The soldier we can’t help stanning

Channel A‘s Steel Troop invites soldiers to test their physical and mental strength on the program. This soldier, in particular, won viewers’ hearts during his appearance. 

Navy SEAL Yook Joon Suh | Channel A

Yook Joon Suh is a Navy SEAL for the South Korean Underwater Demolition Team (UDT.) Although he is active as a Navy SEAL/UDT, he works as an artist and painter.

Painting by Yook Joon Suh | @yu6ku/Instagram
| @6dory/Instagram

3. The princess of princes 

This Japanese teenager has gone viral several times for his beautiful, “princess-like” visuals.

| @i_backu2020/Twitter

When it comes to working the camera, 18-year-old Idekami Baku is a natural model.

| @i_backu2020/Twitter

With his fairy-like looks, it’s no surprise that Idekami Baku is often mistaken for a member of a female idol group.

| @i_backu2020/Twitter
| @i_backu2020/Twitter
| @i_backu2020/Twitter

4. This basketball star

A newly recruited basketball player is winning points on the court and hearts off of it!

Basketball player Yeo Jun Seok | theqoo

This year, 21-year-old Yeo Jun Seok made his national debut with the South Korean Men’s National Basketball team. His skills have earned him the nickname, “basketball monster.”

| theqoo

Some netizens have compared his eyes to those of actor Seo Kang Joon. Do you see the resemblance?

| theqoo

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