“Watch My Bra!”: 3 Slippery Wardrobe Malfunctions That Went Down At “WATERBOMB”

They all handled it like the queens they are!

Seoul’s annual water-filled music festival WATERBOMB has become synonymous with sexy as music artists deliver wet and wild performances.



Yet, three performances nearly became too sexy as artists experienced wardrobe malfunctions. Check them out below.


At the 2022 WATERBOMB Festival, solo artist BIBI proved what a boss she is with how she handled a scary wardrobe malfunction!

While BIBI originally was wearing a white T-shirt with her denim shorts, mid-performance of “Cigarette and Condom,” she stripped down to something sexier: a gold bikini top.

Yet, she didn’t intend to 100% strip. After removing the shirt, BIBI realized the bikini top’s back strings had come undone. She unfortunately almost lived up to her original name, “nakedbibi!”

Despite the uncomfortable situation, BIBI continued to slay her performance. She held the top to her chest as she made her way over to a backup dancer and staff who rushed to her rescue!

I took off my T-shirt, and the strap came off. I was in big trouble. I usually don’t put on stickers, but the staff insisted on putting them on that day. So I said, ‘OK, let’s put them on,’ and fixed my bikini with stickers. But they all came off when they got wet, and only the front of the sticker remained. If it had been exposed, I would have been ridiculed on the internet.


2. Lee Young Ji

The solo rapper told Sunmi about her wardrobe malfunction during an episode of her YouTube series My Alcohol Diary (also known as No Prepare). Lee Young Ji had already planned to wear more than most performing artists, as she wore a jacket over her halter top to avoid exposing her arms.

That day I contemplated if I should wear a black bra or a sports bra, and decided to wear a black bra. So, it was all black. I don’t like to show my armpit but the bolero kept going down, eventually showing my armpit. So when I tried to pull the bolero, I can fell my bra and it happened in the middle of the performance…

— Lee Young Ji

Still, during her performance, she felt that her halter top had slid down, exposing her bra. Concerned that she’d have to retire due to the wardrobe malfunction, she gave an amazing, potentially “final” performance of her career. Yet, no one noticed since her jacket, top, and bra were all black.

I kept touching, felt bra, and realized that the halterneck went down until here. In my mind, it was like ‘this is retirement.’

— Lee Young Ji

But Young Ji joked that if she had been either Sunmi or HyunA, she would have boldly taken off the top and exclaimed, “Watch my bra!” 

If I were Sunmi or HyunA, I would just take the full clothes off and say, ‘Watch my bra!’

— Lee Young Ji

3. Sunmi

In the same interview with Lee Young Ji, Sunmi revealed that she bought a Gucci swimsuit for her iconic performance at the 2018 WATERBOMB Festival but ironically discovered it was not intended for swimming according to the tag.

I bought a luxury swimsuit for the performance. But later on, I found that there was a marking saying ‘Don’t wear it for swimming’. I didn’t know it at first.

— Sunmi

She prevented a wardrobe malfunction by ensuring she was properly covered underneath. Otherwise, it was completely see-through.

The swimsuit has too good tension that once it becomes wet, it goes down. The fabric becomes heavy when it gets wet and it makes the swimsuit go down. There is a thing called ‘nipple sticker’ nowadays. I always use the nipple sticker to prevent those situations.

— Sunmi

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