5 Things You May Not Have Known About IU That Will Make You Love Her Even More

IU makes it so easy to love her.

Everyone loves IU, that’s just a matter of fact. The Nation’s Little Sister and charity angel, what’s there to not like? Well, YouTube channel KOOKIELIT put together 20 Little-Known Facts About IU and here are five of our favorite facts:

1. Fellow Celebrities Love Her

Source: KOOKIELIT/YouTube

Her celebrity fans include all the members of TWICE, particularly Nayeon, and of course, BTS‘s Jungkook!

2. Ghosts Love Her Too

Source: KOOKIELIT/YouTube

During the “Good Day” era, IU heard someone “I love you” even though she was alone. It’s not just celebrities — ghosts love her too!

3. She Treats Her Staff Like Family

Source: KOOKIELIT/YouTube

IU treats her staff like family, including singing at their weddings to celebrate the good times with them. It’s pretty clear why they love her so much.

4. She’s Sent Money To Fans

Source: KOOKIELIT/YouTube

Because IU knows what it’s like to struggle financially that when her fans reached out to her personally to ask for help, she did. Unfortunately, this led to her being scammed, and as such, she has closed her DMs to public messages.

5. She Remembers Who Believed In Her And Supports Them

Source: KOOKIELIT/YouTube

IU’s manager has been with her for over a decade — basically an eternity. When he started his own agency, she signed with his label with no hesitation. That pretty much goes to show you that she really does treat her staff like family!

Watch KOOKIELIT‘s video below for 15 more IU facts: