ARMYs Disappointed At Big Hit Entertainment For Allegedly Stealing French Fans’ Project Idea

Many fans are upset.

During BTS‘s second day at the Wembley Stadium, the Big Hit Entertainment staff members organized a special event for the boys. Before the concert, they asked ARMYs to sing “Young Forever” before their “Mikrokosmos” stage.

The boys were brought to tears during this event and couldn’t stop expressing their love for the ARMYs. Many fans loved the fan project and loved that they were able to let the boys of BTS feel loved.

Some fans, however, noted how the fan project was originally proposed by French ARMYs.

They had originally planned to do it during BTS’s concert in Paris for their second day. It was approved by Big Hit Entertainment but was done in Wembley instead.

French ARMYs have allegedly been planning this fan project for five months.

Many fans are upset, claiming that Big Hit copied the project that they had planned for.

While some fans have called out some ARMYs for being petty, but many stood up in defense for them.

Others forgave Big Hit Entertainment but hoped that they would still carry out the project in Paris for the French ARMYs. The original project was meant to be carried out on their June 8th concert in Paris, and it is unknown if Big Hit will carry out the project then.