People Are Going Crazy Over BTS Jimin’s Waist

They are impressed with the strength in his waist.

All the members of BTS are physically fit, but netizens are surprised over how much strength Jimin has, especially in his waist.

He is able to do flips on stage easily, surprising fans. Some have commented that it looks like he’s hovering in the air!

He can even flip up from the ground to a standing position with ease!

If he chose not to pursue the idol life, he could definitely make it in taekwondo.

Is Jimin a taekwondo master? There’s nothing he can’t do!

– Korean Netizen

His solo song “Lie” involves a lot of technique in which he flips himself and gets down low on the ground. He practiced a lot to perfect the moves.

And perfect it is exactly what he did!

Not only can he do flips, but many commented on how pretty his dance line is, and that he knows how to use his body well.

What does it feel like having such a body?

– Korean Netizen


Many are in awe at how Jimin controls his waist, but have also expressed that they hope he takes care of his body and that he doesn’t overwork himself.

Source: The Qooimin waist