10CM Kwon Jungyeol’s Company Apologizes For Using Fanmade Cup Holders As An Ashtray

They issued an official apology.

It was previously reported that Magic Strawberry Sound had used fanmade cups holders as an ashtray, drawing the ire of fans.

A fan, @10thing_about_u had created the cup holders for a birthday event to celebrate 10CM‘s Kwon Jungyeol. She was alerted to the fact that the company had used her cup holders as ashtrays for the building. The cup holders were provided as ashtrays for outside seating. The fan alleged that the company had gladly received the cup holders from her, claiming that they had been in need of more cups.

| @10thing_about_u/Twitter

Regarding the matter, the company has issued an official apology. They have also separately apologized to the fan who made the goods.

Firstly, we sincerely apologize for having disappointed the fans that love 10CM. Last week, we receieved the disposable cups that were made by fans for 10CM’s birthday event and we planned on using them for our staff, artists and visitors to drink from in our office lounge. But in this process, the cups were reused in a way that was not right and we have acknowledged the seriousness of this, and uploaded an official apology as we reflect on it. We are sorry for not having kept up the proper manners to our artist and fans. We have apologized through DMs personally to the fan that made and gave us the cups. We sincerely apologize to everyone, including that fan, who has experienced discomfort through the matter. Our staff will pay more attention so that such things do not occur again. We also will work harder and pay more attention to support out artists’ activities. Once more, we are sorry for worrying everyone.

— Magic Strawberry Moon

Hopefully, with the apology, the matter will draw to a close.

Source: DongA