After 11 Years, Lee Kwang Soo Hilariously Admits That His “Real” Job Was As A Comedian All Along

He finally admitted that he’s a full-fledged comedian!

Lee Kwang Soo recently talked about his “main” profession and it’s totally not what you think!

Lee Kwang Soo | SBS’s Running Man

Since his debut as an actor in 2008, Lee Kwang Soo has built up a steady reputation as a top TV personality. He is also known for bringing a lot of laughter to SBS‘s Running Man for the past 11 years!

| SBS’s Running Man

And in the most recent episode of Running Man, he finally admitted to his “real” career, making everyone on set burst into laughter! In the episode, the other cast members met up to start the first schedule for their “Going to the Broadcast Station” race, and before the race, they all began to talk about each other’s outfits. Yoo Jae Suk hilariously targeted Ji Seok Jin first, and commented,

We are living in a jungle. Look at how fiercely we are living. Look at Ji Seok Jin, he’s lived so fiercely that his clothes are ripped.

— Yoo Jae Suk

The members then also hilariously began the same critical onslaught on Lee Kwang Soo’s outfit after finding out he was wearing the same brand as comedian Yang Se Chan’s outfit! Kim Jong Kook took a stand as a fellow comedian, and commented,

Hey, comedians never wear fakes!

—Kim Jong Kook

| Running Man

To this, Lee Kwang Soo admitted that his fashion has to be real because of his, “actual job” which is that of a comedian, making everyone laugh!

I’m a comedian too! Mine’s real.

—Lee Kwang Soo

Netizens also couldn’t help but be shocked at his answer.

| SBS’s Running Man
  • “He has finally admitted that he is a comedian”.
  • “This is a legendary moment.”
  • “Wasn’t he originally a comedian?”
  • “This is so hilarious that he’s admitting it now”.

In other news, Lee Kwang Soo recently announced that he would be departing from Running Man, with his final filming occurring on May 24. As a fixed cast member for so many years, he brought tons of joy and laughter to the show, and fans wish him nothing but the best!

Source: Insight Korea

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