1998-Line Uni.T’s Lee Suji Posts A Tribute To ASTRO’s Moonbin

“I’m so thankful that there are songs that can help the six of us remember each other by.”

Many of ASTRO Moonbin‘s childhood friends such as SF9‘s Chani have posted tributes to the star.

SF9’s Chani Honors His Childhood Friend ASTRO’s Moonbin In A New Post

As a child actor and then an idol, Moonbin has been in the industry for an exceedingly long period of time. During his time as a star, he found comfort in friends of the same age. Dubbed by many as the “1998-line,” Moonbin was known to be especially close to fellow idols VIVIZ‘s SinB and Umji, as well as SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan.

Although many might not have known, The Ark and Uni.T‘s Lee Suji was also part of the 1998-line. The young star posted her tribute to Moonbin after the funeral.

There are so many words I want to say. I have always wanted to say them — I should have been more courageous. Thank you for spending the years where you are your most beautiful with us. Thank you for coming to us as such a gorgeous present, a present too beautiful for me to even unwrap. Just as you have said, you are truly the cooler person in the world. That’s right. It was an honor to have met you.

“Take my hand; when you need someone, I’ll be that somebody.”

It’s a relief that this song of ours, which you liked, could have been even a small comfort to you. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t hold your hand, just like the song’s lyrics. I also was able to breathe and dream because of your songs. You also became a light to the many people who loved you, including me. I’m so thankful that there are songs that can help the six of us remember each other by.

Now, I am dreaming a new dream through you. I will live on through a light that shines brightly through the darkness in this place. I have become simpler and more resolute. Now, there’s nothing I’m afraid of.

I will help up those who are crouched and fallen, I will hold the hands of those alone and walk with them. I will help those who have lost their dreams find new ones, I will bring happiness to those who have lost their smiles.

I will think of how you will be in heaven all “Yes Suji, that’s it!” and find strength until the end. Let’s meet again. And let’s be together as one family forever.

It’s such a relief to think that you will be able to have the freedom, comfort, and deep love, that you weren’t able to have here, up in heaven. Right now, I’m so happy even to get a small taste of that heaven here, so how great it must be for you up there…! I will also declare light and run towards [you], without hesitation for the time and life that I am allocated to. Rest comfortably.

And I will be a family to the family members that you love so much. I think that they will find it so noisy because they will be getting so many new sons, daughters, sisters, and brothers! I know you won’t be worried, but don’t worry anyway.

Bin, I really love you. I will really miss you. Thank you so much. Let’s meet again some day. Thanks for being our friend.

— Suji

Rest in peace, Moonbin.


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