27-Year-Old Korean Woman Attacks A Colleague With A Bat For Calling Her “Ajumma”

The police had to get involved.

A Korean woman in her late 20s is being charged with assault for attacking a former co-worker after she called her “Ajumma.”

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According to a YTN report from May 1, 27-year-old Ms. “A” attacked Ms. “B” with a baseball bat, and when the victim tried to run away, A chased after her.

According to the 21-year-old victim’s testimony, she used to work with A in the same company in September last year. A left the job due to a work-related conflict. Seven months after leaving, she contacted B out of the blue and sent her a harassing text message.

You’re living well, huh? You better live gratefully because people around you only give you a break because you’re a young f*ck.

—A’s text to B

B replied, saying, “Ok, ajumma,” which apparently ticked off A so much that she started swearing at her in response. A threatened her saying, “If I run into you at night, I’ll kill you for sure. No, actually, let’s meet today. I will wait in front of the commuter bus.” Initially, B thought that her ex-colleague was just bluffing, but A actually turned up with a baseball bat to threaten her.

A graphical recreation of the textual exchange between Ms. A and Ms. B | YTN

After the incident, she reported it to the police, and A was charged with special assault. But the threats kept coming through text messages. She sent her multiple texts saying, “You better not catch my eye,” “I want to die every time I see you,” and “I should’ve killed everyone in the office before I quit.”

CCTV footage of Ms. A charging at Ms. B with a baseball bat | YTN

The victim’s family had to seek legal provisions after this and filed an additional complaint against A for stalking. Consequently, A has been unable to contact the victim for two months, but her family is still scared. A told the police that she committed the crime because of work-related resentment. The police are still investigating the additional stalking charges against her.

Source: Insight

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