The Reason Sandara Park Doesn’t Go On Blind Dates

She shared her stance on the topic.

When 2NE1 was an active girl group, Sandara Park was so popular among male idols that she got into trouble because, like a proud younger brother, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon bragged about her turning down even the most famous ones.

G-Dragon and Sandara Park. | @daraxxi/Instagram

Although Sandara is now in her late thirties and can date freely, she recently revealed why she doesn’t go on blind dates.

| @daraxxi/Instagram

During the singer’s recent appearance on Salty Pawn Shop, one of the hosts mentioned hearing that “Sandara doesn’t want to get married.” Sandara quickly cleared up the misunderstanding.

Rather than rejecting the idea of marriage altogether, Sandara clarified, “I meant I’m not thinking about marriage now.

That’s why the singer didn’t want to lead anyone on with her intentions. She said, “I meant I won’t go on blind dates since getting married is not my goal.” However, there was one exception.

Despite marriage not being one of her current goals, she would be open to the idea for the right person. Sandara said, “If that person wants to get married, and if I love the person, I think I’ll give it a thought.

Listen to the singer’s stance on marriage and blind dates here.