2PM’s Has Already Set New Concert Dates and Jun.K Will Be Joining Them

2PM‘s 6 Nights concert will be resuming and Jun.K will be joining them on stage despite his recent accident.

Jun.K was injured at 2PM’s 6 Nights concert late February of this year, where he suffered multiple fractures, breaking his elbows and fingers after he fell 3 meters off a moving platform.

Fortunately, he was rushed to the hospital immediately after the fall, and Dr. Craig Lebenson, one of the world’s top doctors in the field of spine and sports injuries, was available to help him rehabilitate the knee that experienced trauma from the fall.

Concerts scheduled for March 3-5 were canceled, and all fans in attendance were refunded the full price of their tickets.

JYP Entertainment has recently announced that 2PM will be resuming their 6 Nights concert, however, for all their fans who waited and supported Jun.K’s quick recovery.

“Although the concert was cancelled after Jun.K’s accident, we have prepared this in response to the overwhelming amount of support from fans.”

— JYP Entertainment

According to the agency, 6 Nights will be back on June 2-4, and June 9-11, with a total of 6 concerts (as its name suggests). Furthermore, all 6 members of 2PM will be performing at the concert, including Jun.K, who is still doing rehabilitation exercises until he has completely recovered.

Tickets will be back on sale on April 24 at 2PM fan clubs, and on April 27 for the public.

Source: Dispatch