Fans Criticize Brandnew Music For Their Statement About AB6IX Kim Donghyun’s Dating Rumors

“…they’re adding a lie that no one believes in.”

AB6IX‘s Kim Donghyun was recently spotted on the streets of Apgujeong in South Korea late at night with his arm around a lady. After rumors that he was in a relationship started circulating online, his company, Brandnew Music, denied that the two were dating.

It’s true that Kim Donghyun met up with his hometown friends after a company dinner. He was going to go home after his meet up wrapped up and after he sent off his friends, he took a taxi home himself.

— Brandnew Music

While the company claimed that the two were simply old friends, a video of the incident was uploaded on Twitter.

While the photo released prior only appeared to show Kim Donghyun supporting his friend on the waist, the video was deemed by fans as “irrefutable” as his hand seemed to caress the girl’s midriff.

Kim Donghyun and his alleged friend. | @0O_04l2/Twitter

Fans and netizens alike called out the agency for its statement, claiming that it “made the situation worse.” Many felt that they should have kept quiet or simply acknowledged the matter straightforwardly.

Netizen reactions to the statement. | theqoo
  • “Putting your arm around the waist of a childhood friend? LOL just stay put, ugh.”
  • “They should’ve just ignored it.”
  • “I was like, he had a dating scandal…? but then I read the comments, and oh dear…”
  • “Amazing LOL”
  • “Isn’t the company way too bad at doing their job? If they respond then an article will be released… There’s no group picture but only one where they’re even touching each other, and on top of that, they’re adding a lie that no one believes in… Are they treating fans like fools?”
  • “They should’ve just let it go… Why did they give a statement?”
  • “The company sucks at their job.”

Releasing the statement only served to confirm that it was indeed Kim Donghyun in the photo and video. Claims that it was just a friend would then be seen as questionable.

Netizen reactions to the statement. | theqoo
  • “You touch a friend like that? The company is only serving to confirm that it’s really him, ugh…”
  • “They should’ve just said it’s his lover. It’s worse if he’s doing that with a friend… The worst statement ever.”
  • “They should’ve just treated it like ignoring a troll…”
  • “So it’s correct that it’s him in the pics LOL. Just don’t release any statement…”
  • “They should’ve ignored it…f*ck. Who does that with a hometown friend?”
  • “Who meets up with a hometown friend at 2 am. They should’ve ignored it…or said that the person is a family member.”
  • “They just confirmed that it really was him.”

Kim Donghyun debuted as part of AB6IX in 2019. The group recently made a comeback with their track, “SAVIOR.”

Source: theqoo